Children and tech

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More and more often, we are now using tech as babysitters.

You will have walked down the High Street or strolled through your local park and seen a child in their pushchair, with either a phone or tablet, only several centimetres from their eyes.

Their parents are unwittingly giving their loved ones a wonderful solution to keep them happy and calm, whilst they carry their daily routines.

Unfortunately, the close proximity of the device can be damaging to their young eyes.

If you look at an object 2 metres away, for example someones face, you will be using the macula to do 90% of the viewing. The peripheral vision is still in focus on the retina. If you look at your lap-top 1 metre away, again the peripheral is still in focus. However, when you look a phone with its bright screen at a close distance, within 30cm, the peripheral is now out of focus!

This is why children eyes are becoming more and more short sighted.

In practice, we used to see children becoming short sighted at around the same time as puberty, when they started to grow into adults. Now, we are seeing children aged 8 – 10 years needing myopic correction. Not only that, children are also relying upon bifocals and varifocals for their close up work.

If you’re interested please research juvenile stress myopia, accommodative stress and hyperopic defocus

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