Why Oyako?

Oyako was created and established by David Canton FBDO, a qualified Dispensing Optician, practicing in the UK. Over the last couple of years he has noticed the correlation between children’s eyesight discrepancies and the link with a high use of mobile devices held too closely.

Primarily, our children are holding their phones much closer to their eyes than they should be. This is inevitably putting a huge strain on their visual system.


A consequence of this habit performed by not only our children, but by surely us too.  As adult’s, we are also guilty of holding our devices way too close.

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The human visual system is not designed to stare at close up objects for too long. The lens of the eye can go into spasm (accommodative stress where the child needs bifocals) and the close up viewing for prolonged periods can induce myopia (juvenile stress myopia). By staring at close up objects for too long, the young user, is literally stretching their eyes.

It is clear that the number of children needing corrective glasses, due to the habits of placing devices closely to the eyes, is massively increasing. Most of the children hold their phones at 10-15cm which is way too close and causes the vision discrepancies.

Phone manufacturers have attempted to tackle some of these issues with examples reducing blue light with night modes, allowing the user to change brightness levels, introducing screentime brakdowns, and providing spectacles/ lens to treat the eyes, all of which are to reduce glare end to also reduce the body’s melatonin levels in the evenings. These attempts to prevent vision discrepancies may help, but do not eliminate the ongoing issue.

Our Mission

We aim to create a safe visual environment for the user, when using their tech device. To ensure that sufficient warnings and advice are given to both the parent and the child, so new safer viewing habits can be taught. Resulting in longer viewing distances and therefore reduced stress on the visual system.

Oyako is the app, designed to control your child’s viewing distance on their mobile device. With continued use, the child will learn to use new longer working distances and therefore help to eliminate the problem.

Oyako involves the parent and child, so together they can manage the child’s viewing habits. The app is controlled by the parent, giving them access to messaging systems and warnings. You can even ensure your child can no longer use their device if they exceed the safety distances by making thier screen go dark.

Most apps allow the user to simply delete them. Oyako is designed to password protect the app on the child’s phone, so it cannot be deleted. This means that the parent can have the security of installing an app, knowing that it will continue to the job of managing the distances of the phone being held at.